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 The word independence is strong. That is why Smirk decided to take a course to better himself as a recording artist, grabbing every opportunity there is for a brighter future. Ever since 2012 Smirk accumulated enough to purchase his studio equipment including his tascam usb audio/interface, primaacoustic isotools and audio technica. Smirk (Kirk Stephenson) was born in Montreal, Quebec and raised in Scarborough, Ontario. At a young age he was introduced to music. Listening to r&b from his sister and listening to the reggae from his mother on a Sunday morning. Smirk's name was originally given to him by his sister because of the gesture he had before winning a race in Track & Field.  From then he continued to use it because it was catchy. A Beginner with piano, trumpet & percussion. He also recorded since 2008 on his laptop using software like Mix-craft. However Invested and got an actual microphone/stand and began taking it more seriously in 2012.Releasing a mix-tape or an electronic press kit will feed his passion for the right sound he is looking for, also getting into the copy writing of his lyrics. All the songs recorded by Smirk are his own, used with a pen and paper memorized. A phrase used out of Smirks song “If you don’t know your background, you don’t know your history; meaning how knowing self without any knowledge of self, for instance where you came from. Printed not handwritten self taught by means of both hands however preference right. By Printing structured using different verbs and nouns from a variety of dictionaries, even own words to add creativity. Smirk avoids using the same words, usually lyrically improving his vocabulary. Themes that are covered, depending on the caption of the instrumentals used Smirk adds his zest to it particularly targeting the young generation. The zest describes more of a fast tempo however can go slow using less vulgarity, smooth, repetitive, clear, perpetual, projected voice. Musical Influence; Stevie, Wonder Album; Characters – Dark n Lovely, Part-time lover Kanye West Album; College Dropout - Keep em’ high. Immediate goals - Networking across the G.T.A/ Releasing a Proficient Single/Video to generate views  Long term goals - Platinum Record/ Diploma /Certificate/Graduate/Achievements Live showcase done was at Tropicana 2013 with a music group for the younger generation. 


Our Vision & Commitment

Congratulations! To Our future graduates, that continually to overachieve. The possibilities are immeasurable. Either careers, employment or volunteering. Our community has opportunities. It is our responsibility to overcome challenges. Our commitment is encouraged that our community  has involvement in sports, daily exercise & education on healthy lifestyles. We want to fund enough for priority neighborhoods. 



We love sports & We play to win. That isn't all! education on sports is important as well.


June 25th

Take part in the competitive music industry of Toronto. Face a new challenge. Send Your Best Video/Photo to 25centsclothing@gmail.com

August 6

Celebration! Malvern S.P.O.T Birthday. Volunteer to participate  in the community events.

September Stress Relief

Summer break is over. Here are guidelines preparing for the classroom. 

  • Make a routine of going to bed early.
  • Prepare Note Books, Pens/Pencils, Calculators & Pack a lunch the Day Before.
  •  Take at least a One hour of the day to study. It Helps! 100%
  • No Question is Wrong Reminder you are there to learn.
  • Have a invigorating experience!

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